Why Travel?

Yi-Fu Tuan defined "place" as space with meaning. The human experience can alter and define a location just as much as humans can be altered and defined by the locations they go to, grew up in, and eventually stay.

Life is about change. It's about having experiences and learning from them. It's about meeting people and making your mark on their lives just as much as they make a mark in yours. To be still is to not live.

Traveling, in our opinion, is the way to live. You don't have to travel far or spend bundles and bundles of cash in order to live. You can have that 9-5 job. Or be unemployed. You can travel alone. Or with friends and family. The only limit to your travels is your willingness and drive to see places that you might not have if you stood still.

So come with us, share with us, live.


how did we start?

Adventures At Random began, predictably, by accident. It began because travel is as essential to us as breathing. We work 9-5 jobs. We have responsibilities. We have families. We were restless. So, we saved money. We went to places we'd never been to. And we were woefully unprepared for how much these places would affect us.

We are also storytellers. A great part about traveling is coming home and telling your friends and family about the things you've seen and discovered. About the places you've been and the people you've met. It's not bragging. It's the human experience of being changed. Telling the story is a persons way of seeing this change manifest itself in a tangible way despite the fact that what caused this change is no longer around. It's a way to remember. It's a way to return.

So this is us returning to those places we love. We write about it to tell the stories of those places and of those people that we met while changing.

Come along

Share your travels with us. Tell us your stories. Be one of us.

Let's go to places, let's meet people, let's live.